Pricing Policy regarding non-stock PTR cores

As some of our older or more experienced customers will recall, back in the 80ís G&M were one of the first companies to develop a range of tabbed header copper brass cores to enable the new wave of plastic tanked radiators to be re-cored by radiator specialists. This developed over the years in to a huge and varied range of cores which allowed radiator specialists to compete with main dealers and O.E. parts suppliers.

To serve this demand we developed hundreds of precision steel press tools and kept large stocks of the thousands of combinations of brass header plates required to produce these cores in large volumes.

Since then however, due mainly to a combination of exorbitant raw material prices and cheap imported complete radiators, this market has declined rapidly to a point of virtual extinction. This means we can no longer manufacture viable production runs of most of this range and so around 80% are classed as non-stock and therefore made to order specials.
As it is no longer viable to stock the header plates for these cores, when each one is made to order it becomes a long manual process involving setting several press tools and the resultant labour costs of various employees.

Brass blanks have to be cut, tabbed & profiled in various press operations to ensure the correct formation of the critical dimensions of the header plate. Understandably, all of this comes at a price.
Unlike a conventional core with a soldered style header, where the header plate is fairly simple to produce, a PTR header is critical in ensuring a long lasting seal between tank and gasket and so there can be no compromisesí or shortcuts. This is why you will see a noticeable difference between the price of a non-stock PTR core and an equivalent sized and construction soldered core.

We made the decision to keep all these PTR cores in our catalogue and available to purchase as a continued service to our customers, but we need to recover the high costs involved and this is reflected in the price.

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